Vintage Arcade Skeeball: An Awesome Arcade Cabinet For Your 1930s-Carnival-Themed Man Cave

Every man cave requires an arcade cabinet to be truly complete. If pinball machines, racing cabinets and retro emulators aren’t quite the kind of games you gravitate towards, perhaps the Vintage Arcade Skeeball will be more to your liking.

Sporting a vintage design, the cabinet brings a retro aesthetic that looks genuinely like the classic alley bowlers of old. Set it up in a prominent part of the man cave to instantly flood the room with a jovial and festive old-time carnival atmosphere.

Patterned after the original Skee-Ball Alley cabinet, the Vintage Arcade Skeeball features an authentic-looking hand-finished 1930s oak exterior, a flip-style score display on top, and a pull-handle activation lever. Don’t worry, you won’t have to flip the scoreboard manually — the retro aesthetic is paired with modern functionality, so you only have to worry about rolling the balls up into the designated holes and leave everything else to the machine.


It measures 156 x 75 x 31 inches (l x h x w) and weighs 750 pounds, making for a size-able presence in whichever room you set it up in. Lay down a wafflesicle and a pie pop maker on a table next to the rig, play some corny big band music, and your man cave is now a small town carnival shortly after the turn of the century. Or something like that.

The Vintage Arcade Skeeball is available from Restoration Hardware, priced at $6,995.

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