Vintage Lighter Cufflinks – Coolest Way To Set Your Arms On Fire


Why bother carrying a separate lighter when you can rock cufflinks that double as one?  That’s obviously what they thought 50 years ago when they started making these Lighter Cufflinks, which let you light a cigar right from the arms of your favorite dress shirt.

Is it a good idea to have a live fire right above the surface of your sleeves?  Probably not.  It’s ridiculously cool, though, in an almost James-Bond-cum-Inspector-Gadget kind of way.  Try picturing yourself walking down a dimly-lit hall with your arms ablaze – awesome, right?


The Lighter Cufflinks are the same vintage collector’s items which were sold across gumball machines back in the 50s.  Some cat from Etsy was able to get his hand on a number of them, all unused and (supposedly) in working order.  The sharp-looking accessories rock a complete fire-creation set, including a flint, wheel and space for lighter fluid (accessible via a screw bottom).   Each piece sports standard cufflink dimensions, with a bullet back enclosure so it can fit all varieties of buttonhole sizes.

Just imagining the potential accidents stemming from this is quite interesting.  The metal cufflinks should easily heat up, possibly burning you just a slight tad every time you light the thing.  Overfill the fluid tank or leave the screw bottom loose, and you’ll have it leaking onto the dress shirt.  Turn the lighter on and you can gander a guess at the ensuing events – fiery!

The seller suggests removing the cufflinks before firing up the lighter, but who’s really going to do that?  Cats looking to live (slightly) dangerously can score the Vintage Lighter Cufflinks for $40 a pair.

[Etsy via Cool Material]