Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Turned Home Bar Adds A Touch Of Class To Your Crappy Pad


Looking to set up a small home bar with some well-defined character?  Try imagining this Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table And Stools Set in a leisurely corner of your house, ready to turn any lifeless box of a room into a rustic-looking country spot.

Made from actual wine casks that have seen their best days pass them by, the stout wooden containers are artfully repurposed into a gorgeous-looking three-piece outfit, consisting of one table and two stools.  Stock the table’s integrated cabinet with some classy glasses and a few bottles of cheap red wine from the corner store, and fool everyone who visits into thinking you’re a cultured guy with an actual wine bar in your abode.  Smooth.


The Bistro Table is built out of an actual, retired full-size wine barrel, with metal sheets wrapped around for both a decorative touch and added strength.  A pine tabletop is set over its head to give it both a wide surface area and standard café height, while a dual-hinged door has been carved out of one side to provide access to the two levels of shelves in the interior.  There’s even a round foot rail situated near the bottom for that realistic, country joint feeling.

Like the table, the stools use wooden legs taken out of similar wine vessels, held together by hand-forged, wrought-iron braces.  Leather seats round out the seating package, making for an undeniably refined set of fixtures that make your home look like more than a handful of beer-guzzling, wrestling-watching guys actually live inside.

Wine Enthusiast is selling the Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table And Stools Set for a pricey $1,035, which sounds like a great way to make money out of otherwise throwaway pieces of wood.  Make sure to pose for pictures next to your classy setup, so you can show it off to mom when trying to convince her you’re living like a million bucks in the city.

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