ViperSwiper: Finally, A Quick Way To Wipe Down Your Car’s Side Windows


Whether you drive an econo-box or a really cool car, getting your car washed is great. Looking at the annoying water spots and streaks on your side windows after you roll it down a while later, not so much. While you can always wipe that down when you get back home later, ViperSwiper offers a more instantly-gratifying option.

A window-wiping tool, it attaches on the outside portion of the side window’s weather strip, giving you an instant wiper that cleans the side windows as soon as you roll them down. That way, you don’t have to get out of the car to wipe down the windows whenever they get wet or risk leaving hard water marks once they dry up on their own – just roll down the windows and the problem simply takes care of itself.


ViperSwiper uses a weatherproof adhesive backing to affix itself to the window’s weather strip, ensuring it will stay on regardless of prevailing conditions, along with a wper blade constructed from a non-scratching, non-smudging material. It also won’t leave any permanent marks when removed from the car, with any adhesive left behind easily removed using rubbing alcohol. To install, simply measure the length of ViperSwiper you will use, cut accordingly, and affix it at the designated location. Features include a flap that blends in with vehicle’s weather-stripping to ensure it looks like a stock part of the car and indented cut lines that make it easier to cut the wipers at the correct angle. Do note, each installation is can only last for up to a year before needing to be replaced.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for ViperSwiper. Pledges to reserve a two-pack starts at $20.

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