This Virtual Keyboard That Hangs On Your Keychain

Laser-based virtual keyboards have been around a while.  So far, though, we’ve never seen one that’s small enough to make it worthwhile to really stop carrying a separate keyboard if you want to type on your tablet or phone with bigger keys.  That is, until we saw the Keychain Virtual Keyboard, which can hook onto a key fob and slide into your pocket for hassle-free transport.

Sold by Brookstone, the device will literally hook onto your teeny key fob, joining your keys, your Tiltpod Mobile, your Chobi Cam and whatever other preposterously small gadget you have on there.  That way, you can have access to a keyboard anytime you need one without having to put up with the burden of a real physical peripheral.

The Keychain Virtual Keyboard can turn any flat surface into a full-sized virtual keyboard, beaming a set of keys that you can type on using its onboard laser while tracking your fingers with its built-in optics.  It can be paired with any gadget that has Bluetooth, allowing you to use it with almost any tablet or smartphone.  The catch, though, is the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers the tiny peripheral can only hold a charge of up to two hours of continuous use, so it’s not exactly the kind of thing that will last you a workday.  For use sparingly throughout a day on the road, though, this could be really helpful.

Brookstone now has the Keychain Virtual Keyboard available on their website.  Price is $99.99, although units only start shipping on October 1st.

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