Visual Assist Dartboard Shows You Where To Throw For Best Scores

Do you keep losing at darts because you’re bad at math?  Hey, everyone’s bad at adding and subtracting when they’re drunk.  Stop playing on regular boards and wax your game on the Visual Assist Dartboard instead.

Even when you’re decent at arithmetic, trying to figure out which parts of the board to hit to get the right scores is never easy when you’re dowsed in alcohol (and, let’s face it, nobody plays darts sober).  That’s why this helpful dartboard shows you exactly where to throw  for the fastest way to zero when playing 701, 501 and 301.

The Visual Assist Dartboard is an electronic dartboard that uses LEDs to illuminate different segments of the playing surface.  Points are automatically displayed  on the left and right scoring panels when the darts (six are included) wedge into the board’s tiny holes, which have been designed to minimize bounce-outs.  In case you’re worried about damaging the walls in the garage, don’t be – it uses the soft-tipped variety, which will just fall straight to the floor without denting your home’s paint job.

Aside from 701, 501 and 301, the set also has other pre-programmed games, such as Blackjack, Count Up and Treasure Hunt, each of which you can choose from the menu options.  The whole thing comes in an engineered wood cabinet with a PVC laminate finish, so it doesn’t stamp any negative style points when you set it up in your game room.   Mounting hardware is included.

Because of the electronic assist and automatic scoring, the Virtual Assist Dartboard will need to be plugged into an electrical outlet during play.  It’s available now for $199.99.

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