Vitaband Puts A Virtual Wallet In Your Wrist

We’re not sure if a wristband is the best place to hide personal information and a virtual payment card, but that’s exactly what the Vitaband does.  You know, so you can leave your minimalist billfold at home and still have all those things somewhere on you.

At its core, the electronic strap functions as a high-tech ID bracelet, storing identification, medical history and emergency contact details, in case you encounter an accident while on the road.  As a second function, you can use it with Visa payWave (via a debit card account), simply waving the band to make point of sale purchases at any place that accepts Visa (we’re not exactly sure how that works, but I propose voodoo magic).

The Vitaband was created by a pair of long-distance runners who often left the house without wallet, ID or money during their runs (since, let’s face it, carrying stuff is inconvenient during athletic activities).  With the band strapped to your wrist, that’s not a worry, since you’ve got personal information tied to a number on the band and an electronic debit card for financial emergencies.

No personal information is actually stored on the band.  Instead, all your details will be kept with the Emergency Response Profile (ERP), an online service that keeps an electronic health record of personal and medical information.  Trained responders can then access those records (either over the web or phone) when they find you unconscious at the foot of the hills after being attacked by Bigfoot (at least, that will be your version of the story, since being spooked by a squirrel just isn’t cool).

Price for the Vitaband with a one-year membership to the ERP is $39.90.  You’ll need to renew the ERP deal every twelve months for another $19.95.