Drinking Glasses That Look Like Tree Stumps Will Make Your Home Bar Look Like A Crystal Forest


As far as home drinkware goes, we prefer glass over every other material. They look nicer, clean easier, and shatter into a dozen pieces to tell us we’ve drank a little more than we can handle. When they look as good as these Stump Glasses, they get even better.

Styled to look like miniature tree stumps, these glasses bring a unique aesthetic to any home bar and dining area, so you can sip your drinks like a giant who’s using hollowed-out tree barks as their drinking vessels. Well, crystal clear tree barks collected from a forest filled with fairies, since we’re being whimsical anyway.


Made by Vitreluxe, the Stump Glasses are hand-blown into a mold crafted from the actual branch of an oak tree, giving them those uncanny and realistic tree-like details. Once removed to dry, each one is individually-shaped and cleaned into the finished form, which looks like it came straight out of the crystal jungle from some Disney animated movie. Each one stands approximately four inches tall. Do note, the glasses are designed strictly for cold drinks, so use it for your morning juice, mid-day shakes, and after-dinner beer, but keep it away from your hot tea and coffee.

Available now, the Stump Glasses are priced at $90.

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