Vizio’s Reference Series Includes A Gigantic 120-Inch 4K TV


Vizio may be best known for making the kind of TVs you buy when trying to maximize an AV budget, but they can go toe-to-toe with the top of the heap in the business, too. That’s the message the outfit is clearly sending with the 120-Inch Vizio Reference Series 4K TV, a crazy-expensive model packing some crazy-advanced tech in a crazy-huge size.

Billed by Vizio as a “TV that has no equal,” they’re tagging it with, pretty much, every superlative that can apply to a living room display device. You know, like “dramatically richer intensity, depth and contrast.” And “exceptional levels of color variety, precision and saturation.” Also, the “most vibrant whites and purest blacks for an awe-inspiring level of contrast.”


Not that we doubt any of that, of course. The Vizio Reference Series 4K TV is the first TV to come with Dolby Vision, after all, inheriting the high dynamic range (HDR) and rich color palette of the new video standard. Of course, you’ll need content that supports Dolby Vision, too, in order to get the maximum juice out of the feature, all of which are currently available only from VUDU. Fret not, however, if you’re a potential buyer, as Netflix has already committed to giving its original features the Dolby Vision treatment, with many studios expected to hop on down the line, as well.


Aside from Dolby Vision, the TV comes with smart TV capabilities powered by a six-core SOC, dual-band WiFi, 384 active LED zones, up to 800 nits of brightness, and automatic spatial scaling of all content to 4K. There’s also a 65-inch version, in case 120-inches of screen real estate is too much for your tiny living room to handle.

Available now, the 120-Inch Vizio Reference Series 4K TV is priced at $129,999.99, with the smaller 65-incher priced at a less-frightening $5,999.99.

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