Use VizorX To Add A Full-Face Shield To Any Cycling Helmet


When riding bicycles in winter weather, going out with a stocking cap, a balaclava, and a scarf are the usual resorts to keeping everything from the neck up toasty in the midst of chilly winds. If it’s just a little cold, you can ditch the scarf and the balaclava, although you’d probably want to keep them nearby in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. Alternatively, you can wear a cycling helmet with a full-face shield, except we haven’t actually seen any bike helmets with that feature. That’s why the VizorX wants to let you add one to your cold weather cycling garb.

A full-face shield that attaches to any bike helmet, it gives cyclists a convenient solution to keeping the chilly winds out of your face. Even better, the stiff shield will protect your face from any debris, ensuring both a safe and comfortable ride.


The VizorX is a full-face shield that combines a visor and a helmet cover, ensuring it keeps most everything that can affect your riding away from your face. Constructed from 3mm polycarbonate clear plastic, it uses the same material motorcycle helmets use for their face shields, allowing it to offer the same weatherized and durable protection. Anti-scratch treatment and anti-fog design ensures it provides you with crystal clear vision even with everyday use, with UV protection keeping out the harsh rays of the sun. An included mounting hardware with adhesive backing allows it to easily install onto any helmet, with a flexible build that allows it to conform to any helmet shape.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for VizorX. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $39.


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