Vogard Chronozoner: Automobile-Inspired With Auto-Timezone Adjustments


Surely, a jetsetter like you cannot make do with just any ordinary watch.  Turning the crown of your timepiece after arriving at your next destination and doing mental calculations while you’re at it just doesn’t seem to be the thing such a sophisticated traveler will bother with.  If anything, I will take a gander you’re rocking a watch like the Vogard Chronozoner, which fits a patented timezone adjustment system right on its bezel.

Using the same timezone adjustment facility as with Vogard’s other models, the Chronozoner is easily set to the exact hours on a new city by simply rotating the engraved bezel.  Arrange it so that the city you are in is right at the 12 o’clock line and you’re all set – the watch adjusts the hands all on its own.  That sure beats having to fit in multiple dials on the watch face or – gasp – opting for a digital auto-adjusting timepiece.

You can even order customized varieties, with cities listed on the bezel personalized according to which places you frequently travel in.  Make sure to add in Paris, Rome and all the other glamorous cities even if you never visit them – it makes your traveling profile look way cooler.

The Chronozoner, of course, is more than just a world-worn watch.  Designed to rival the best sports timepieces in the world, it boasts a superb-quality chronograph mechanism and a durable titanium frame that can withstand competitive play, all while sporting a very edgy dashboard-style appearance.  It uses large automobile-inspired crowns and buttons to make accessing the controls easier, even when you’re wearing gloves (an accessory sporty jetsetters like you should definitely consider – especially if you use public bathrooms).

Vogard founder Mike Vogt likes to refer to the Chronozoner as a smart luxury watch, evoking emotions while remaining incredibly useful for everyday use.  I have to agree.  Prices start at 9,800 Euros.

[Chronozoner (PDF) via Watch Happening]