Voice-Authenticating USB Drive

We’ve seen plenty of secure USB thumb drives before (such as Cryptek, the self-destructing Tamatebako and Lok-It), using everything from passwords to encryption in order to facilitate the added data protection.   So far, though, this Voice-Authenticating USB Drive is the first one I’ve seen that validates access through your voice.

Unlike many security-heavy thumb drives released, this one doesn’t come with a unique design, so it doesn’t look like anything special whatsoever.  For all a thief knows, it could be where you keep your dirty pictures or downloaded movies or some other types of inconsequential files.

The Voice-Authenticating USB Drive measures 2.5 x 0.75 x 0.25 inches and works much like any regular mobile storage gadget — just stick it into a PC and use as normal.  Instead of asking you to punch in a password during use, though, you simply speak the password into the thing.    The onboard authentication system will not just verify the password, but also your voice, checking for specific frequencies and nuances to establish your identity.  An alternate security option is also available in case you have a cold or some other ailment changing how you sound (such as when you get kicked in the crotch and develop Mike Tyson’s high pitch).

Hammacher Schlemmer has  the Voice-Authenticating USB Drive available now, priced at $49.95.

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