Dress Up Like A USS Discovery Crew Member With The Volante Design Starfleet Jacket


Whether you actually like Star Trek: Discovery or find it to be an absolute disservice to a beloved franchise, you can’t deny the show has some killer visuals. From the cinematography and wonderful effects to the gorgeous set design and well-appointed outfits, the whole show is quite the visual feast. And if you can see yourself rocking the Discovery version of Starfleet uniforms, you just might be interested in the Volante Design Starfleet Jacket.

That’s right, you can now dress up like you’re a crew member of USS Discovery, so you can go to work in the morning pretending you’re doing something cool with your life. Sure, you’ll get to work and wake up to the fact that you work in a boring office instead of an exciting Starship somewhere in deep space, but for the few minutes you’re actually able to maintain the illusion, you’ll be happy. Sounds worth it to me.


The Volante Design Starfleet Jacket is a faithful recreation of the suit as it appears on the show, from the signature angular style found throughout the Star Trek franchise to the long geometric lines and shoulder detailing that were used in the Discovery uniforms. It doesn’t come with a badge, though, so you’ll have to buy that separately (or use one you already own) in order to complete the Star Trek garb. Yes, they could have just stitched it on the chest as a logo of sorts, but this way, you get to wear the jacket without being an obvious Star Trek costume, which makes it a much versatile addition to anyone’s wardrobe. If you buy a badge from Volante, by the way, it comes with a magnet backing which is designed for use with the jacket – just drop the magnet on the inner chest pocket and you can now snap the badge on-and-off any time you want.


It uses heavy denim with a small amount of stretch, so this should be reasonably warm while being as durable as your favorite pair of jeans. It has an asymmetrical zipper to stay true to the Star Wars aesthetic, all while sporting a zipper color that matches the reinforced topstitching. There’s a snap tab collar that can be worn closed or open (closed during work hours and open when relaxing at the starship’s watering hole), with a magnetic closure for the external pockets, so everything snaps in place the way they do in sci-fi shows. Basically, it’s a darn good jacket that you can wear both to the local Trekkie convention (with a badge, of course) and as an everyday attire (with or without the badge, depending on how strong your geek powers are).


The Volante Design Starfleet Jacket comes in four colors: Command Gold, Sciences Silver, Operation Copper, and Section 31. The first three use a fabric in sailor blue denim with navy accents, all while using gold, silver, and copper hues for the threads and zippers, respectively. Section 31, on the other hand, gets black denim with black accents, along with dark gray threads and charcoal zippers.

The Volante Design Starfleet Jacket is available now, priced at $330.

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