This Relaxation Hoodie Has A Hood That Zips Shut To Close You Off From The World


When you walk down the street and see a person you’re actively avoiding coming your way, the usual response is to change directions. We mean, it’s not that easy to hide in plain sight, after all. If you were wearing the Vollebak Relaxation Hoodie, you wouldn’t have to.

Designed with a hood that can zip completely shut, the garment allows you to cover up your whole face like a mask in a jiffy, allowing you to hide from the world at a moment’s notice. Even better, it has a visor made from a breathable mesh that’s designed so that you can see out while no can see in, allowing you to retain part of your vision while keeping your whole face covered up.


The Vollebak Relaxation Hoodie wasn’t designed as a way to hide from the world, though. Instead, it’s meant to give folks a way to get quick naps on the go, allowing them to shut out most light, so you can rest free from external distractions. If you’re curious why the visor is pink, Vollebak claims that particular shade (Baker Miller Pink) is a calming and tranquilizing color which, they believe, can help ease you into sleep whenever you need it.


Features include an insulated but breathable fabric, wind-resistant construction, two sling pockets, an internal chest pocket, and internal cable channels. It comes in three colors with the pink visor and a blacked-out version with a matching black visor.

Available now, the Vollebak Relaxation Hoodie is priced at $285.

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