Volvo LifePaint Is An Invisible Reflective Coating That Washes Off After A Week


Want to make something visible in the dark? Coat it with reflective paint. Paint, of course, is a semi-permanent commitment, making it less than ideal for use in plenty of situations. The Volvo LifePaint offers a shorter-term alternative.

A safety spray, it gives a reflective surface that will shine bright white when hit by the glare of brilliant light. This makes it ideal for use in coating bicycles, rendering them visible to motorists with their headlights on when riding the streets at night, similar to glow-in-the-dark bicycles.


Unlike other reflective paints, the Volvo LifePaint isn’t a permanent coating. Instead, it’s a water-based spray that washes off over time, lasting for just an entire week after application. Unless directly shone on by bright lights, it’s also completely invisible, making it indiscernible during the day, with no seeming effect on the finish of the coated material. It’s not just for bicycles, either, with the spray able to hold its coat on, practically, any surface, allowing you to give bags, shirts, helmets, and anything else reflective properties. Heck, you can probably spray yourself with the thing head to toe, stand on a street corner, and freak out motorists driving down into thinking you’re a glowing ghost.


You can learn more about the Volvo LifePaint from the link below.

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