Voon Soccer Smart Rebounder Adds Drills and Performance Tracking to the Solo Training Equipment

Soccer rebounders are one of the best solo training equipment for the sport, allowing you to practice shooting, passing, and receiving the ball, while maximizing your reps without anyone else in the field. It’s incredibly useful. The Voon Soccer Smart Rebounder makes the useful training tool even better.

Just like a traditional rebounder, the training tool gives you a portable surface you can place anywhere on the field, allowing you to work on a variety of skills all on your own (sadly, footgolf won’t be among those skills). Unlike them, it can be used with a variety of preprogrammed drills, allowing you to do more structured training, instead of simply doing random plays to your liking.

The Voon Soccer Smart Rebounder consists of a board with legs supports on the back that you can position anywhere in the field. The legs are detachable, by the way, allowing the while thing to collapse into a flat bundle that makes it easy to carry and move around. It can be set up perfectly upright at a 90-degree angle or slightly tilted at 60 degrees, which will send the ball back at an upwards angle, in case you need practice catching those. Much like any traditional rebounder, you can kick the ball towards it and have it bounce back your way, so play continues uninterrupted, making it indispensable for solo practice.

Doing standard rebounders one better, though, this one comes with a detachable multi-color LED ring in the middle, which it uses as an indicator during drills. The LED ring, by the way, should help visibility in the dark, allowing you to practice even after the sun has set. It comes with a built-in speaker, too, allowing it to provide auditory feedback, which can be very useful if you’d rather keep your eyes on the ball, instead of the LED light.

The Voon Soccer Smart Rebounder comes with a companion app (iOS and Android), where you can choose from over 100 drills, complete with video demos that show you exactly how to execute each one. Do note, while some drills are designed to be done with one Smart Rebounder, some are meant to be done with either two, three, or four of these things. As such, you’ll probably want to pick up more than one equipment, in case you want to perform all of the available drills. Built-in sensors on the device record your key performance metrics, all of which you can review from the same app.

According to the outfit, setting up each rebounder takes no more than a few seconds, so you should be ready to practice as soon as you drop in at the field. It’s supposedly very stable on both grass and hard surfaces, so it will hold its place without much sliding during practice, all while being water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about wet ground or light rain (you might want to take the LED ring off once it rains a bit too heavy, though).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Voon Soccer Smart Rebounder. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $251.

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