Vostok Cabin Will Keep Zombies Out, Tetanus In

That giant, rusted can, called the Vostok Cabin, could be your future mobile home.  At least, if some apocalyptic scenario actually plays out within your lifetime.

Created by Dutch designer Joep van Lieshout, the portable dwelling is how he imagines our shelter will become with “the changing climate, growing poverty, wars and more.”  By more, we assume he means zombies, aliens and mutant smurfs, all of which I am genuinely fearful of.

The Vostok Cabin is billed as a “mobile, indestructible dwelling.”  Despite the rusting, tetanus-infecting exterior, the fully-armored shell is built to last, allowing you to keep zombies, three-eyed mutants and nomadic bandits out of your personal slice of paradise.

Since he’s recreating an end of civilization scenario, the entire thing was constructed out of old steel plates recovered from demolished boats.  Inside, you get an improvised toilet, wood stove and benches — just the bare necessities to help you survive the harsh world that, if you’ll believe comic books, fantasy novels and post-apocalypse movies, inevitably await us.

The only problem?  When you’ve got a dozen goons smashing at your steel walls carrying scrap metals and pipes, it will probably get noisy inside.   Like, ear-splittingly noisy.  Hopefully, you managed to salvage an iPod and a pair headphones like that Book of Eli guy.

Commissioned by Foundation 93, the Vostok Cabin is currently on exhibit at the Cite de la Science in Paris until March 13 of next year.

[Atelier van Lieshout]