Voxart Lets You Make Large Minecraft-Style 3D Objects Using Tiles That Snap Together

LEGO has made a good amount of Minecraft sets, allowing you to recreate the blocky 8-bit style video game world right on your tabletop. But what if you want to make bigger, grander Minecraft objects that will be a hassle to do with tiny bricks? The Voxart offers a viable solution.

A new building toy, it lets you create pixelated 3D sculptures by connecting a series of flat tiles with foldable edges that can snap together. Because of the bigger size of the tiles, it’s a lot easier to build large objects, making it a much better option for recreating Minecraft objects in real-world three dimensions than traditional construction bricks.

The Voxart uses flat square tiles with rounded corners and built-in creases that allow you to fold those same corners up. Each corner comes with a hole and a slightly raised connector, which you can use to snap the corners of two tiles together and assemble yourself a large pixelated creation. The tiles measure over an inch on each side, so just connecting a few can be used to create a pretty large surface, allowing you to build large 3D objects at a fraction of the number of pieces you will need with smaller construction toys.

The outfit shows a number of photos showing the things you can make with the tiles and they look amazing. In one, they used them to cobble together some impressive-looking pixelated masks, making it a handy toy to use for people thinking of doing any type of 8-bit cosplay, since you can also use them to build various accessories related to the character. They’ve also used the tiles to built pixelated 3D wall décor (you can just stick them to the wall with double-sided tape, since they’re so lightweight), character models, and all sorts of other objects. Suffice to say, if you’ve been thinking about putting together an 80s-style Super Mario diorama that recreates your favorite game level, this is easily the best tool for the job.

The Voxart currently comes in 16 different colors, which should be enough to let you recreate all sorts of pixelated 3D creatures, characters, and objects that you fancy. In case you’re not exactly teeming with inspired ideas, the companion app offers thousands of potential projects you can build with the tiles, complete with listings for the number of tiles you need for each color and step-by-step instructions. You can even use the app to design your own pixelated creations, so you can see how an idea looks before putting in the time to build it in real-life.

Because they collapse into flat tiles, they should be very convenient to store, allowing you to stash hundreds, if not thousands, of tiles in a small box. Plus, they’re flat, so you won’t exactly hurt your feet walking over them when your kids (yes, we’re blaming your kids) leave some scattered around the living room floor.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Voxart. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $9.

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