Voxengo Lets You Cut A Record Without Your Own Drummer


Ready to record a demo on your one-computer home studio, but still can’t find a decent drummer?  Instead of settling for an awful-sounding drum machine sequence, you can get a real percussionist to lay down professional drum tracks with the Voxengo Custom Drum Track Service.  Yep, a working studio drummer for hire at the bargain-basement price of $69.95.  Win.

If you’ve spent any time in a studio, you’ll know the difference between a hack drummer and a seasoned artist.  Back when I used to work in one, producers will literally pick fights with band members about how much they need to kick out the guy behind the skins because they suck on record.

To order, simply provide Voxengo with a copy of your song sans drums, pay the fee and wait a week to get your drum track in unprocessed wav format.  For the low price, you get overhead, side and room microphone tracks, together with tom, bass and snare drum tracks (all time- and phase-aligned), allowing you to mix them to results that satisfy your vision.

Turnaround takes seven days, so you’ll need to wait a while to get your results.  In case you’re unhappy (“Dear Voxengo, my musically challenged, one-handed brother can pound out better beats…”), they offer a money-back guarantee.

Sounds awesome, no?