A Versatile Design Allows You To Use This Travel Pillow In Multiple Ways


It looks more like an undersized fanny pack than a travel pillow. The Voyage Pillow, however, may be the best accessory to help you catch up on rest anytime you find yourself stuck on extended journeys.

Unlike traditional U-shaped pillows, it doesn’t have to be worn strictly around the neck. Instead, it has a band that you can wrap around your head and neck in a variety of ways, allowing you to find the best position, whether you’re sitting elbow-to-elbow in economy, lying comfortably in business class, or plopped down dead-tired in an airport bench.


The Voyage Pillow is, basically, a band with a pillow on one side, so it can be worn securely around your neck or head, ensuring it won’t simply fall off when you move around. When worn, the rest of the band can serve as an eye mask, complete with a tapered profile that should accommodate the various contours of your face. The band, by the way, is cut in a polyester-spandex blend, so it can stretch to accommodate different head sizes, while the inside is dressed in a soft, plush fabric for long-lasting comfort.


Features include a profile that’s half the size of traditional U-shaped pillows, a light weight of just 2.5 ounces, and a pillow made up of tiny microbeads for adaptability to any position. During transit, the band should make it easy to wear around bag straps and luggage poles, too, so it doesn’t have to take up any room inside your bags.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Voyage Pillow. You can reserve one for pledges starting at $19.

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