Vudu7 V Just May Be The Most Feature-Packed Bike Computer Ever


There are plenty of handlebar-mounted bike computers in the market, from ones that track various riding stats to ones that offer turn-by-turn navigation. So far, though, we don’t think we’ve come across anything that bundled as many functions as the Vudu7 V.

Like most modern bike computers, it pairs detailed tracking of riding stats with navigational talents, so you can use it for most standard functions. Unlike them, it integrates a selection of accessories that allow it to serve as headlights, a dash cam, a horn, a speaker, and even a full-fledged Android smartphone.


As a bike computer, the Vudu7 V combines a 4-inch touchscreen display with a GPS module and a full array of sensors, so it can track speed, distance, and detailed routes, all while providing turn-by-turn navigation. It can also pair with third-party devices via ANT+, Bluetooth LE, and Wi-Fi, so it can process stats from heart rate monitors, power meters, and more. Oh yeah, it runs a full build of Android 6, so you can use it to run apps that don‘t come preinstalled in the system.


Features include dial 1,200-lumen CREE LEDs for use as a headlight, a 1080p camera for recording whatever’s in your path, a 110-decibel horn, a five-button thumb control pad, three-watt radio speakers, onboard mic (for hands-free calls), and even a SIM card slot in case you want to leave the phone at home. It comes with an 8,000 mAh battery rated for a full day of riding use (although the actual endurance will depend on how many of the features you use).

The Vudu7 V is slated to come out later in the year, priced at $450.

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