Vufine+ Puts A 960 x 640 Screen In Front Of Your Eyes For Private Viewing


There’s nothing sleek or compact about Vufine’s wearable display. Truth be told, it’s unapologetically obtrusive. If you want to watch movies, drone feeds, or any other content privately, though, the Vufine+ is exactly the device to get that done.

An improved version of their original wearable display, it packs a larger display that can accommodate both portrait and landscape orientations a whole lot better than its predecessor. Whether you hook it up to a phone, tablet, laptop, or some other device, it will let you privately watch any content hands-free from… uhm… the comfort of your face. Or something like that.


The Vufine+ can connect to any device via a micro-to-full HDMI cable, allowing it to serve as either a mirrored display or a second monitor. It uses a 960 x 640 LCOS screen that, according to the outfit, appears approximately as a 4-inch display standing around a foot from your eye, with three different display modes: standard for unaltered 16:9 aspect ratio, fit for landscape orientation, and zoom for portrait orientation. An onboard rechargeable battery allows it to run for up to 90 minutes on a single charge.


A magnetic docking station allows you to mount it to the temples of glasses and sunglasses, with a ball-joint and pivoting arm enabling you to fine-tune the viewing angle. Do note, it’s designed to mount on most common frame styles, although very thin wire frames and thick embellished frames might prove a bit of a problem.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Vufine+. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $169.

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