A Kitchen Appliance That Can Make Waffle And Cookie Bowls Exists… Really


You know how you can find plenty of countertop appliances that make waffle cones, yet you turn up nothing when you search for those that make waffle bowls? Turns out, you just weren’t searching hard enough because this Bella Waffle Bowl Maker, apparently, exists.

Like many breakfast appliances, it’s a countertop machine that lets you cook up delicious waffles. Unlike them, it cranks out waffles in the shape of a bowl, allowing you to use them to hold whiskey chocolates, beer ice cream, and whatever other unhealthy grub you take with your coffee first thing in the morning.

Instead of buying packaged waffle bowls like you’ve always done, the Bella Waffle Bowl Maker lets you make them at home fresh and hot. Even better, it can crank out a pair of crispy batter cakes at a time in mere minutes, so you can cook up enough to feed everyone at the table without taking up too much of your time. Like with regular waffle bowls, it can be put to work as an ice cream bowl that you can nibble on like a cone, a cereal bowl that you can eat while dripping in milk, or a drinking vessel where you can drink coffee from because you’re weird like that.

Even better, it’s not just restricted to making waffle bowls. If you use cookie dough, it can cook that, too, letting you whip up cookie bowls that you can fill with warm milk that you will have to eat quickly before the cookie softens and crumbles. Yeah, you better hurry.  Seriously.

The Bella Waffle Bowl Maker is available now, priced at $16.37.

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