Taco Bell Waffle Taco: Yes, It’s Going To Be A Thing Now

Grabbing a McMuffin for breakfast is great and all, but we all need a change in menu every once in a while.  And if there’s a Taco Bell near the McDonald’s where you get your morning take-out, the new Waffle Taco looks like it will make for quite the delicious alternative.

A part of Taco Bell’s upcoming breakfast lineup, the new food item puts the classic waffle in portable form, wrapping it up around syrup-drenched cheese, sausage, and scrambled eggs like a taco shell.  That way, you can have your waffle breakfast while striding off to the office, instead of having to sit inside the car at the parking lot and rush through breakfast on a swivel tray to make it to work in time.

Granted, wrapping sausage, cheese and scrambled eggs in a fried waffle, then bathing it in maple syrup sounds messy as hell.  And, well, the Waffle Taco definitely looks a little sloppy.  Then again, think about all the delicious decadence you’ve gobbled over the years and we’ll bet a lot of sloppy food sits high on the list.  Yeah, sloppy grub, for some reason, brings a different level of awesome.

It won’t be the only item in the breakfast menu, of course.  Among the food items launching next to it are the AM Crunchwrap (a Crunchwrap with hash browns, scrambled eggs, melted cheese, and bacon), Breakfast Burrito (choice of bacon or sausage, steak, and eggs), AM Grilled Tacos, and more.  The Waffle Taco, however, appears to be the linchpin of the set, given that it’s a whole new breakfast treat that’s going to be unique to the franchise.

Taco Bell will debut the Waffle Taco and the rest of the breakfast menu nationwide beginning March 27.

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