Turn Your Stationary Bike Into A Workstation With Wahoo’s Fitness Desk


Sure, you can get a standing desk to burn a few extra calories while doing some of your work at home. If you want to burn even more calories during work and have a stationary bike somewhere around the house, though, you may want to turn that into your workstation instead using the Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk.

Designed to work with any stationary bike or direct drive bike setup (such as Wahoo’s own Kickr), it’s a height adjustable desk that you can slip over the top of the handlebars (you can put it further or closer, of course, depending on your preference) to give yourself a functional desk while putting in your daily exercise . Whether you want to do work on a laptop, watch Netflix on a tablet, or just read a book while putting in some cardio, this thing should do the trick.


The Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk has a tabletop that measures 28 x 14 inches, making it big enough to accommodate a laptop and a few other smaller items. Built-in stands along the front edge provide a place to set down your smartphone or tablet at a comfortable viewing angle, with integrated pass-through holes for organizing cords and cables. Features include a slip-resistant desk surface to ensure your laptop stays in place, a durable steel frame construction, wheels for easily moving around, and a height that can be adjusted between 33 and 48 inches. Oh yeah, it can totally serve as a standing desk, too, making for a doubly useful piece of furniture around the house.


Available now, the Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk is priced at $229.99.

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