Wald Plug Lamp Brings The Convenience Of A Floor Lamp Without Taking Up Any Floor Space


A floor lamp is a great way to install accent lighting at moderately tall heights without requiring any drilling or electrical work. You will have to surrender some floor space, though – a potential problem inside already-cramped apartments. The Wald Plug Lamp offers a unique alternative.

Made by Los Angeles-based Feltmark, it works like a traditional floor lamp, holding a bulb at a tall height without requiring any permanent alterations in the house. Unlike floor lamps, though, it takes up no floor space, allowing you to use the area underneath for a small cabinet, a box of gear, or a bed for your dog.


The Wald Plug Lamp is, basically, a floor lamp stripped of all extraneous parts. Instead of a base, it uses a rigid stem that extends from the plug to the bulb socket, anchoring the lighting element directly from a wall outlet. The stem, by the way, can be rotated from the plug, allowing it to be used even with horizontal outlets. It comes in two lengths: one that stands four feet tall when plugged in to a standard-height wall outlet and another that stands three feet tall, with the former being recommended for living areas and the latter for bedroom spaces.


Each one is handmade using a bent anodized aluminum pipe, with all wiring hidden inside the tube. The socket is covered by a hardwood box with an integrated button switch. It’s available in livid blue (with white ash box) and olive drab (with black walnut) finishes.

Available now, the Wald Plug Lamp is priced at $139 for the shorter version and $159 for the longer model.

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