WalkBag Backpack Transforms Into A Beach Blanket

Bringing a blanket along for a little night swimming at the public pool or a picnic in the park can be a hassle.  It’s big and thick and takes a huge amount of space in your day bag.  The WalkBag solves this problem by creating a blanket that also doubles as a backpack so you’ve got one less thing to worry about carrying.

In bag mode, it’s a mid-sized rucksack/duffel bag with a zipper closure, which should allow you to carry a few items of clothing, food and drinks inside.  In blanket mode, it unfolds into a generous cotton towel measuring 71 x 29.5 inches, so you can use it to soak in the sun at the beach or to plop down after walking the dog in the park.

The WalkBag’s main compartment has a 13 liter capacity and comes with a water-resistant pouch for holding sensitive stuff like your phone and your Omega Titanium Wallet.  While that makes it a little too small for a weekend trip, it should be ideal for spending an afternoon in the nearby shore or other similarly short trips, letting you carry all the necessities and a few extras.  It even has a sleeve at one end of the blanket where you can slip in an inflatable pillow, so you can lie down comfortably at the beach.  Oh yeah, make sure to dry the towel and shake off the sand before folding it back into bag form unless you’re into getting all the stuff you put inside covered in moisture and grainy sediment.

Available in a variety of colors, the WalkBag retails for €39.95.

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