Walking Dead Zombie Calendar

Everybody can use more zombies in their lives.  At least, until the infestation finally descends upon us.  And when you like your zombies gory and haunting, the Walking Dead Zombie Calendar should make for the perfect cubicle display.

Adorned with photographic stills from the TV show, the calendar features the ugliest, grossest and most horrific zombies, mixed in with some memorable characters and scenes.  While I would have preferred a calendar made up entirely of gory zombies with rotting jaws falling off their faces, I guess this isn’t all that bad.

The Walking Dead Zombie Calendar measures 11.5 x 23 inches (w x h) when opened, with the photographic still on top and the days of the month on the bottom.  You can use it to mark off special events like any regular calendar, of course, as well as write down reminders as to when the episodes for season two on AMC will be showing.

Since it’s about zombies and weirdness, it ditches the typical 12-month calendar and drops in a full 16 months (with the last third of the year and the whole of next year).  We’re guessing this would make a nice gift for fans of either the graphic novel or the show, as well as zombie fans in general.

Thinkgeek has the Walking Dead Zombie Calendar now, priced at $9.99.

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