Walking Table Can Move Like An Eight-Legged Robot

Sure, it’s unnecessary, but the Walking Table is not about necessity.  With legs that move like a mechanical robot when pushed, it’s as much a piece of furnishing as it is a source of fascination.

Designed by Wouter Scheublin, the table integrates what looks like an uncomplicated assembly of wooden mechanics that allow it to walk on its eight legs when moved.  You know, so you won’t have to carry it when moving the table from spot to spot (or push it and risk scratching the floors).  You can also just get a table with wheels, but we doubt that’s half as interesting to watch in action.

The Walking Table manages a very natural-looking walking movement, which would  probably make it perfect for dressing up as a robot.  Of course, you’ll have to push it the whole time, but we reckon it’s worth the curious attention.  The catch is, the table can only move forwards and backwards, with no steering, so it’s limited in that regard.

Made from walnut, the table looks about the perfect height for a work desk, with enough space to accommodate your usual set of gear.  I like it for a media table, too, with room for a TV, speakers and a couple other entertainment components.  The convenience of being able to pull it closer to the couch and push it further up the wall as you see fit sure sounds sweet.

Unlike many awesome furniture designs, the Walking Table has actually been produced.   It’s currently limited to a special run of eight pieces, though, which you can buy from the Priveekollektie gallery.


[Wouter Scheublin]