Wall Art: US Map Made From State License Plates


It might be odd to use a map of the United States as your home decoration, but this is no ordinary map.  In fact, it just might be the coolest map ever.

Artist Aaron Foster scavenges US license plates from decades past, forges each one into the shape of the state it came from and arranges them into a colorful and eye-catching map of the US.   Each installation uses separates license plates for each state, which are hand-carved and mounted piece-by-piece to a cedar backboard (that looks like a picnic table, actually), with both Hawaii and Alaska arranged on a separate board..

Because of the varied styles and palettes of license plates from 50s, 60s and 70s, each map comes with an assortment of combinations that lend them a colorful and dynamic appearance.  No two maps are ever alike too, since Foster is able to ransack through a large collection of plates (majority of which now come from license plate collectors selling their wares online).

Dimensions of each main map (contiguous states) is 62 x 40 inches, which should take care of any large piece of blank wall in your house that needs a centerpiece.   Want one?  Prepare to fork out some cash.  Aaron has been producing these US license plate maps for the last few years and has been making a good living off it, selling each finished piece for $3,900.  It looks like  well worth the price to me.