A Dedicated Skateboard Rack Makes This Wall Ride The Sickest Shelf You Can Mount At Home


Sure, you can lean your skateboard onto a wall and keep it there until you need it for the afternoon. But why do that when you can proudly show off the board in this Wall Ride, a wall shelf with an integrated slot for hanging a skateboard on display.

Made by Zannochi & Starke, it’s a wall shelf with a pair of panels where you can keep books, fine ceramic, and other beautiful keepsakes. Since you’re the kind of dude who spends your days riding skateboards, of course, we’d venture you’ll use it to hold video games, action figures, or your current favorite novelty toy, instead. Either way, it should find plenty of use around the digs, even if you do give up skateboarding because you’re 30 and starting to look like a dad hanging out at the park.


Unlike other wall shelves, the Wall Ride has a designated section for hanging a skateboard (yes, even those weird-shaped Corbus Boards will work) with the wheels facing away from the wall, letting you show off the artwork on your skate deck while it hangs there in storage. Since the wheels never come in contact with the wall, you don’t even have to worry about cleaning the darn things before hanging the board up.   Even better, the board can simply slide in and out of the slot, making it easy to mount and dismount, so you can quickly grab the board on your way out the door. Aside from the two shelves and the dedicated skateboard rack, it also has a trio of hooks on the bottom shelf, with the skate rack actually serving as a bottle opener whenever it’s unoccupied.


Available now, the Wall Ride is priced at $175.

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