Wandaquarium, A Wall-Mounting, Flat-Panel Aquarium


What’s cooler than a beautiful aquarium adorning your living room?  A gorgeous aquarium mounted on your wall!

The Wandaquarium from AquaWall claims to be exactly that – a living, breathing fixture that you can hoist atop any vertical surface.  Hanging on your wall like a piece of painted art, it adds instant distinction to any contemporary space.  Plus, it looks so peacefully soothing.

In all honesty, it looks like a mounted flat panel LCD with large bezels.  In fact, I thought it was a fake aquarium when I saw it, displaying a video of fishes and marine life, instead of the real thing.  To my surprise, it’s totally the real thing – a gorgeously designed aquarium where a few small fishes can make their home.

It comes in two models, Comfort and Elegance, although the distinction between the two isn’t all that clear.  They come with all the standard aquarium equipment, including filters, lighting, oxygen and CO2 units.  Adjusting any of the settings can be done via a bundled remote or the onboard controls along the right panel.  Above the controls is an LCD display that shows various relevant information, including water temperature, room temperature, oxygen content, lighting information and pump status.

Can’t handle all the constant cleaning an aquarium requires?  Aquawall claims that the Wandaquarium can clean itself, requiring no maintenance on your part.  While I absolutely doubt that (given that I’ve tended to a few fish tanks myself), I’ll just pretend I’m impressed.  Wow!

The Wandaquarium measures all of six inches from front to back.  That’s not a lot of space, so you’ll likely be stuck with the littlest of swimming critters here.  Still, a wall-mounted aquarium is totally awesome, no matter what limitations it comes with.  Price is a steep $1,450.

[Aquawall via Born Rich]