Put A Shirt On The Wanmock And It Becomes A Hammock For Your Pet


Some people donate old shirts, others throw them away. If you keep pets around the house, you can have another option with the Wanmock, a kit that you assemble into a pet hammock with the help of your old shirts.

Designed by Torafu Architects and produced by Imprint Venture Lab, it’s a flat-packed piece of furniture that you can assemble without any tools. Once put together, it reveals a skeletal frame that you then dress up with any old shirts. To use, simply put the furniture’s two rear legs into a shirt’s sleeves, then stretch the shirt over the whole assembly, turning the garment into a functional hammock, where your dogs and cats can lounge around in style.


While it should work well enough with just a single shirt on, the Wanmock can be used with thicker sweatshirts or multiple shirts, in case you want to make sure the hammock is strong enough and won’t sag too badly when saddled with the full weight of your pet.   Designed for smaller dogs under 15 inches tall and weighing under 18 pounds, it measures 21.5 x 15.6 x 28.8 inches (w x h x d), with an all-wood construction. Do note, the wood pieces all slot in together, rather than held together using nails or screws, so it’s probably wise to heed the weight limit, unless you enjoy seeing your dog break stuff around the house, so you can record it for YouTube or something. Yeah, you’re a little starved for attention. Here, let me give you a hug.


Available now, the Wanmock is priced at $235.

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