WannaJet Offers Private Jet Luxury At Business Class Rates

Want to fly on a private jet but restricted to a business class budget?  Ahhhh, quality problem – please complain to someone who cares.  You know, someone like WannaJet, a new jet-sharing service that lets you skip the airline hassle without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Offering a third option to the frugally wealthy, it brings the best of both worlds.  Imagine: no more fighting your way through crowds, killing time at a security line, waiting forever in baggage claims and other unnecessary airport delays, all while staying within spitting range of business class rates.

Instead of commissioning an entire private jet by yourself, WannaJet lets you buy a seat on one.  Only four to six passengers go on each flight and it comes with the usual private flight amenities, so it’s still way more luxury than you can get from any airline.  All prices are fixed and are approximately 80% less than the typical cost of renting one on your own.    Sure, it’s not exactly the go-anywhere convenience of private jets, but with over 60 domestic routes in the US, most of your likely business destinations should be covered.

The catch?  Flights will only push through once four people have confirmed.  If the minimum passenger count isn’t reached 72 hours before departure, it gets cancelled, so it could blow up right in your face.  Still, you’ll have a good three days to schedule your usual business class arrangements, so it’s not that bad.  Oh yeah, there’s no membership fee requirement, too.

You can book with WannaJet directly from their website (link below).

[WannaJet via Elite Traveler]