Wardrom Turns Deadly Spikes Into Fashionable Hangers

Designed for “boys of the new millennium,” the Wardrom is meant to serve the natural male instinct to hurl things up a wall. Made up of rectangular tiles filled with angled spikes, you can line rows of them to hold your entire wardrobe while you undress in a hurry.

The idea is when you throw your clothes, hats and accessories onto the sharp spikes, they’re bound to end up hanging on them. As a result, you’ve got yourself a wall installation that looks dangerously awesome, offers a place to hold your clothes and potentially kills any mortal who dares to enter your domain. Yes, you will have to throw them up the spikes too, so better step up on that strength training.

Created by a trio of Italian designers collectively known as Paula, the Wardrom basically puts the mess of dirty clothes on your floor up on a wall. That way, you can lose the clutter and gain a makeshift art installation. At least, that’s what you should tell your girlfriend when she asks what your dirty knickers are doing hanging on blue and purple spikes.

Valerio Ciampicacigli, Gabriel Berretta and Simone Bartolucci are the three dudes behind the piece, which they first showed a couple of years ago. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to have come out of the art show/design booth stage into production, which just sucks. What man wouldn’t want a potentially fatal art installation/usable wall hanger/killing implement on their wall? It’s genius unrewarded.

Visit the Paula site to see several more pictures of this beautiful mess called Wardrom.

[All About Paula via Oh Gizmo]