Drink Like A Warrior With These Warhammer Beer Steins


Whether you love the PvP action of WAR or absolutely hate the grind the game puts you through, you’re bound to have an affinity for ice cold beer.  Yep, that delicious-tasting lager is the one element of civilization that, pretty much, unites us all.  And these officially-licensed Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Beer Steins is the most fantastical way to drink it.

Bud from a plastic cup might taste the same as Bud drank from a fancy beer vessel, but the feeling they inspire should be world’s apart.   Standing over 10 inches tall and weighing 3 lbs, it makes “beer guzzling while online gaming” look a lot more dignified than a disposable cup ever will.

The Warhammer Beer Steins Epic Collection come in two 32oz designs, one based on Order of the Griffon and another on The Raven Host.  Both are made from fine-grain stoneware with a pewter sculpted lid, a sculpted handle and ceramic insert.  Each vessel is designed by Warhammer Online artists, Michael Phillippi and Eric Polak, respectively.

Those with a little more cash to burn can opt for the Legendary version, which uses the same stein designs, adding 18k gold-plated lids and hand-painted gold trims.  Each one is signed by the corresponding artist behind it and is limited to 500 pieces.

Pricing for the Epic Collection is $99.99 apiece, with the option to get both Empire and Chaos mugs for $179.  The limited Legendary edition can be had for $159.99 each and $299.99 if you bundle the two.  Thirsty RPG fans can get their Warhammer Beer Steins this coming May.

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