Watch Movies On Your Superyacht In Style With C-SEED’s Supermarine Outdoor TV


Ideally, there would be enough to do in a superyacht in the middle of the ocean that you won’t need a TV to kill time. Just in case there isn’t, however, it would be nice to know you have something like the C-SEED Supermarine Outdoor TV ready to deliver your desired entertainment.

A retractable TV, the device allows you to keep a big screen onboard the yacht, all while packing down to look like an innocuous post on a rail when not in use. Seriously, people will think it’s just a random object to lean on when they see it collapsed, making it a genuine surprise when the darn thing unfolds into a big screen TV.


The C-SEED Supermarine Outdoor TV is a massive LED TV with a screen that measures a whopping 201 inches. Yes, that’s big enough that the deck of most small yachts probably won’t accommodate, which is why this being aimed at ultra-rich superyacht owners. They do have a smaller 144-inch panel in the same design, in case you want something less imposing than 201 inches of screen real estate. A unique combination of vertical and horizontal drives handle the retracting action, lifting the TV up when you want to use it and shrinking it down to a single column that measures 9.8 x 2.6 feet (width x depth) when you’re done, both at the push of a single button. According to the outfit, the whole process of unfolding and retracting takes around 45 seconds each.

Since it’s designed for outdoor use, the TV is exceptionally bright at 4,500 nits, ensuring you can enjoy whatever you’re watching even at high noon, complete with a contrast of 4,500:1 and a 48-bit color depth to ensure a crystal clear picture that’s as vivid as the ocean around you. C-SEED, in fact, goes so far as to call it “the most brilliant picture under the sun.” Given the outfit’s previous successes in creating giant outdoor TVs, we’ll take their word on that.


The C-SEED Supermarine Outdoor TV, naturally, comes in 4K resolution, with HDR support, so you can enjoy all your favorite shows and movies in the best quality available. Once lifted and unfolded, the TV can be rotated 180 degrees via the remote control, so you can have it facing exactly at the perfect viewing angle. Construction is marine-grade aluminum and steel, both of which are treated to a finish that matches the design aesthetics of contemporary superyachts.

It comes fitted with 500-watt broadband stereo speakers, as well as a 700-watt subwoofer, ensuring you can hear what the movie’s protagonist is whispering to her confidante even in the face of high winds. Available connectors include two standard HDMI inputs, one 4K HDMI input, one HDMI output, two USB ports, one RS232 slot, three XLR outputs, one BNC output, and an RJ45 Ethernet slot. No word on whether this has wireless connectivity, but we feel like that’s a given for something at this price range.

The C-SEED Supermarine Outdoor TV is available now.

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