Watch What My Watch Can Watch

camera_watchFor the secret agent in your life, or even the wannabe, there’s the Secret Agent Camcorder Watch.  This stylish watch not only looks great on your wrist, and tells time, but it also records up to 8 hours of video.  Great for private investigators, security or anyone who’s ever wanted to blackmail their little sister.

The camera is tiny and hidden inside the curl of the numeral 2.  Unless you were staring at the watch, knowing exactly what to look for you can’t see it.  This James Bond-esque wristwatch features the smallest camcorder out there, and no, you don’t have to show your CIA badge to get one.  The battery lasts for two full hours and is rechargeable via your USB port.

Watching the video is easy too. Just plug the watch into your computer’s USB port, and download the video to your hard drive.  The recording is in color and it records audio as well.  The video records in avi format and there are 2 gigs of space on this spy watch.   Whether you’re a busy mom who often forgets her camcorder when precious moments happen or a private investigator or bounty hunter who wants to covertly record video this watch will prove its usefulness over and over again.

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