Turn Your Yard Into A Spectacle: Water And Light Lawn Show

Can’t afford to install a fountain to spice up the lawn?  Do something even better with the Water and Light Lawn Show, a mist blower with built-in light effects that turns an erstwhile boring yard into a spectacle.

Measuring 10.75 x 4 inches, the gentle sprinkler produces a veritable plume of fine mist that stretches to a height of 6.5 inches and a width of 19.3 inches.   A fountain of spraying water is fine if you want to wet the yard, but the explosion of light comes courtesy of color-changing LEDs, which switch from red to blue to green to yellow to purple and back.

The Water and Light Lawn Show requires no external battery source, juicing the onboard LEDs through its own internal turbine generator, which, in turn, uses water running through the connected hose to generate power.  It has an integrated stake for easy set-up — just stick it on the ground anywhere you want to hold a light show, sit back and enjoy.

We’re guessing this will make for an excellent outdoor display during evening parties, as well as fancy entertainment when you’re stoned out of your wits during one crazy night.  The Water and Light Lawn Show is available from Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $49.95.