Who Needs A Cabin When You Can Sleep On The Lake In This WaterBed Boat?


Sure, you can equip any large-enough boat with a mattress and a couple of pillows to use it as a functional facility for catching some sleep while floating on a lake. We have a feeling, though, that your rest is going to be a lot more comfortable if you were sleeping in the WaterBed, a boat that you can use as a veritable mini-bedroom for dozing off in the outdoors.

Created by British designer and artist Daniel Durin, it’s a mini-houseboat, complete with a roof, walls, and large windows for soaking in the beauty of the outdoors while being duly sheltered from the elements. Instead of being equipped for living in like a regular houseboat, though, it only comes with enough amenities for sleeping you in comfort, making it perfect for afternoon naps or even overnight sleepovers while on water.


From what we can tell, the WaterBed isn’t likely to handle rough water well, so maybe keep its use confined to lakes and similarly peaceful bodies of water. It measures 7.9 x 3.9 x 3.9 feet and weighs just 150 pounds, so you can launch it all by yourself (unless, of course, you’re a puny weakling), complete with wheels, so you can tow it on a car, motorcycle, or even a bicycle. The frame and wheels, by the way, stay on the boat the entire time, so you can simply push it down the water if you want to take it for a spin (let’s just assume they’ve gotten marine-grade coatings or something).


Checkout out Durin’s website to check out more pictures of the WaterBed boat.


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