Be Ready For Anything On The Road With The AutoBrick Emergency Kit


We’re big fans of WaterBrick’s water containers, whose shape enables them to stack in a tall pile, enabling easy storage and transport. Just like buckets, drums, and similar water containers, people have found a variety of uses for them, repurposing them for a whole host of storage tasks. Which is why it wasn’t surprising to see the outfit rework their original design into different specific-purpose containers, such as the AutoBrick Emergency Kit.

Designed to stash in the boot of a car, the kit combines a tall and narrow container with a variety of curated supplies designed to help motorists in the event of an emergency on the road. Storm got you stranded and unable to drive anywhere? There are some stuff here that will come in handy. Car broke down while you’re in the middle of nowhere? Your toolkit will probably help more with that, but there are provisions here you’re likely to find useful as well. Basically, if any incident happens leaving you unable to get home, this thing can help.


The AutoBrick Emergency Kit holds all the contents in a 3.5-gallon container measuring 18 x 9 x 6 inches (height x width x depth), with a profile that can either be stood upright or laid down on its side. Either way, you can get easy access to the opening, which measures 7.25 x 4.5 inches. Just like their water containers, the lid covering that opening is fitted with an air-tight moisture-resistant sealing gasket, so you can use this to stash sensitive items in a safe manner. Construction is HDPE plastic for the container, with the body measuring 0.09-inch in thickness and the lid measuring 3.25 inches thick.

Inside, you will find four 4.225-oz water pouches to quench your thirst in a pinch and emergency food rations totaling 2400 calories to satiate your hunger, with both supplies having a five-year shelf life. There are also four solar blankets measuring 84 x 52 inches each to keep you and your companions warm when you get stranded in the middle of nowhere, as well as a 54-piece first aid kit for medical emergencies.


If you need to make fire to get through the night, the AutoBrick Emergency Kit includes a box of waterproof matches with 40 sticks for easily making fire, although it also includes a five-pack of slow-burning candles and a 12-hour light stick that you can use if you merely need some illumination. There’s also an emergency triangle LED light with integrated magnet and swivel hanging hook, which you can use either as task light to help illuminate what you’re fixing, a flashlight, or a distress signal (there’s a blinking mode).


Leather palm work gloves should help out while fixing whatever went wrong with your car, while a 5-in-1 multi-tool and a 50-foot nylon rope should come in handy for a variety of outdoor survival tasks. Other provisions include toilet paper, pocket tissue, and ten yards of duct tape.

Want one? The WaterBrick AutoBrick Emergency Kit is available now.