Waterbuggy Is A Watercraft For Leisurely Riding

Jet skis are awesome. But, damn, those things go fast. And when things go too fast, you panic. And you fall off. And you realize you forgot to wear your fish costume vest. And you remember you can’t swim. And a shark comes out of nowhere to eat you. Now, we could have avoided all these if you just rode a Waterbuggy instead.

Designed for leisurely riding, the vehicle is described as a combination of a “jet ski and a pedal boat” — the former for the motorized drivetrain, the latter for being a particularly gentle ride. Personally, I think it looks like a pimped-out bumper boat. Based on the shape and the extended base, I’m pretty sure you can use it for that exact purpose.

The Waterbuggy is a round-shaped watercraft that can ferry up to three people at a time. A roof is integrated via an arching tail that makes it look like a fish from behind, with an outboard engine sitting under the body (max. option is a 10hp Honda). According to Bodrum Marine Group, it can be driven on water as shallow as 3.2 feet, making it an ideal ride to bring along, whether you’re going to the beach or camping at the lake.

Operation is as simple as it gets — push a button to turn it on and move the joystick to tell it where to go (yep, just like playing Atari). It can go forward, turn left or right, and even spin in place, all at a modest top speed of 10mph.

Adrenaline junkies probably won’t find much use with the Waterbuggy. Those who want a leisure boat for family use, however, should find it quite the interesting option. Prices start at €7,500.