Waterskiing Chair For When You Are Too tired To Stand

Under most situations, it makes sense to prefer sitting to standing.  Like when you’re on your desk, at the doctor’s office or riding a bicycle.   In case you’d like the same option for your water skiing this summer, hit the beach in this: the Waterskiing Chair.

Far from a new innovation, this alternative water sports equipment first came to the scene 50 years ago.  And the only reason you haven’t used one yet is because the whole idea’s so dorky.   And that dorkiness is the whole reason why it will never go away — let’s face it, we love seeing ridiculous stuff all year ’round (pair it with a remote controlled tow boat and you’ll be the coolest cat this side of will-die-a-virgin).

The Waterskiing Chair consists of two widely-spaced skis connected by a pair of bent stainless steel tubes in the front and rear.  The rear frame also serves to hold up a small seat, with 2-inch cell foam padding decked in durable vinyl.

A pivoting steering mechanism is integrated between the two tubes, which you can put to work by leaning to one side (automatically carves water in the same direction).  According to the product page, the setup should be maneuverable enough to allow experienced skiers to perform many of the tricks they do standing.  Could be a good substitute set of skis when you’re feeling a little lazy to do the whole getting up on your legs thing.

Once fully assembled, the Waterskiing Chair tips the scales at 28 lbs., which should be reasonably light for dragging with you to the water.  It’s available from Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $799.95.

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