If You Loved Inception, You’ll Love This Wave City Coffee Table


Few scenes from Inception brought more memorable visuals than that scene of a city bending on itself. I mean, watching something like that happen in real life sure takes trippy to a whole other level. And now, you can enjoy that same trippy scene every day from the comfort of your living room with the Wave City Coffee Table.

Created by Cyprus-based Stelios Mousarris, it’s a coffee table that resembles that memorable scene from the movie, integrating a small section of a city folding over itself. More impressively, though, it does that with a ridiculous amount of detail, using dozens (maybe hundreds) of buildings to create the physics-defying effect.


The Wave City Coffee Table consists of a bent wooden board that serves as both the tabletop and the leg, with the buildings all laid out on the inner side of the panel. If you want to spend the night tripping out, simply lie down on the floor and slide right under the table to check out the dreamy scene Mousaris concocted. It’s constructed using an extremely thin streel frame that’s been covered up on both sides with 2mm layers of plywood veneer, with each of the buildings that make up the cityscape individually 3D printed using a high-quality, wood-type filament. All the buildings are then glued one by one onto the inner side of the durable steel and wood veneer ensemble.


A limited edition piece, the Wave City Coffee Table is priced at €5,000.

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