Wave Hammock-Parasol Is Like A Resting Fixture From Heaven



Doesn’t this just look heavenly?  I can’t imagine lying down on anything that will be more relaxing.  Called the Wave, it’s a hammock and parasol contraption that just screams brilliance.

Who doesn’t love lounging in a hammock?  There’s just something about surrendering to a piece of hanging material that leaves you trouble-free.  The Wave, however, seems more than that – neither just a hammock, a sun chair nor a parasol.  In fact, it looks like an art installation the first time you lay eyes on it.  As such, the soul-soothing utility provides quite the pleasant and unusual surprise.

Two types of perforated fabrics are used on each Wave – one for the roof section and another for the hammock area.  The parasol material is semi-transparent but can block as much as 85% of the sun’s rays.  Both fabrics deck themselves among the elegantly-designed electro-polished steel frame, which bend and curve to lend the fixture its unique shape.   The whole thing stands on a single leg that is embedded onto the floor, giving the unique impression of a hammock floating delightfully without support

Royal Botania, the Wave’s creators, claim that the construction can withstand even undue weight, wind and weather.  The product images certainly look it, with the contraption holding up with no seeming stress with two people on it.  Total dimensions are 144 x 118 x 100.4 inches.

Price, as you may have expected, is equally as grand – it currently sells  for $23,439 a set.  Hammock cushions, ground embedding frame and a base for terrace integration doesn’t come with the unit and costs extra.

[Wave Hammock-Parasol via 7Gadgets]