WaveCave Surfboard Bag Doubles As Beach Tent

You wake up, you walk to the beach, you surf, you drink beer, you sleep.  That’s what you did yesterday.  That’s what you’re doing today.  And it’s what you’re doing tomorrow. Might as well sleep in the beach to save yourself the walk.  And you can do that with the WaveCave.

A surfboard bag that also doubles as a tent, it’s the perfect companion to every dedicated surfer who’d rather stay their ass on the sand than bask in the normal creature comforts of home.  That way, you can bring boards and a temporary shelter while only carrying a single bulky slab.

The WaveCave is a padded case that can carry up to four surfboards inside its zip up frame.  Construction is waterproof nylon oxford 1680D, with tarpaulin on the inside and a 20mm padding.  They also offer optional board dividers, each of which further reinforces the inside padding by 5mm.

To use as shelter, you open up the bag and pull out the pop-up tent on the side, which can be set up around the case using a system of clips and zippers.  The opened padded bag will serve as flooring, providing a serviceable sleeping area for up to two people.   Tent is made from nylon taffet 70D, with flexible fiberglass rods serving as skeleton.  All surfaces can simply be hosed clean, making for dead simple maintenance.

Oh yeah, make sure to peg it down during windy days at the beach (yep, it can be pegged).  A flying shelter just isn’t as fun.  The WaveCave is available in a variety of board sizes, with prices starting at £169.99.