Wavetooth Headphones Let You Listen To Music Even While Drowning

Love swimming in the ocean, hate listening to nature?  Drown the sound of the real world with Wavetooth, a functional Bluetooth headset that can you can use even while submerged in the water.

Unleashed from the depths of Brando’s pile of crazy peripherals, the waterproof audio accessory can survive depths of up to three meters for 24 hours straight.  That means you can have a complete soundtrack playing in your ears, all while snorkeling with the corrals, relaxing in the shower or surviving the coming deluge of 2012.

The Wavetooth is a pair of IPx8-certified in-ear buds and mic assembly, designed to work over Bluetooth 2.1 with most A2DP-compatible devices.  Buds are wired to a tightly-enclosed controller case, with a touch-sensitive control surface and an onboard 360mAh Li-polymer battery (good for 13 hours of playback on a single charge).

It comes with a waterproof bag case to hold your cellphone or music player, along with a USB cable for charging.  You can attach it to your clothes or belt using a rotatable clip, or hang it like a pendant with the included neck wire.

Goes without saying, the Wavetooth will work just as well for your private listening pleasure even when you’re out of the water.  Retail price is $57.