Wayv Adventurer Shrinks The Microwave Into A Thermos-Sized Bottle


Unless you’re towing a trailer with an integrated power supply, enjoying a microwave while camping in the woods isn’t a likely option for many of us. Which is disappointing, since the most convenient cooking appliance in the house can definitely make outdoor life a whole lot easier, too. That may change soon with Wayv Adventurer.

Unlike other microwaves, it takes on a form factor similar to a thermos bottle, making it easy to pack in a bag and bring along during trips. Even better, it powers from an integrated rechargeable battery, so you can use it to heat food and drinks on the go without needing to plug into a wall outlet every single time.


The Wayv Adventurer manages to shrink the microwave into a portable size by ditching the WWII-era vacuum tubes and magnetrons traditional appliances use. Instead, it utilizes modern LDMOS (laterally-diffused metal oxide semiconductors) technology to generate heat, allowing them to pack everything into a compact bundle that weighs just 2.5 pounds. Not only is it smaller and lighter, the tech is more precise, allowing it to heat all contents evenly, with no need for a rotating platter.

Up to 500ml of food can fit into the main chamber, which the device can bring to high temperatures in around five minutes. Do note, the battery only holds a 30-minute charge, but it can be easily swapped for a fresh pack if you brought backup. And, yes, you could bring a power bank with an AC outlet to make sure you can plug in as needed.

Slated to come out next year, the Wayv Adventurer is priced at $199.

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