Weaponizers: Twisted Metal Comes To Life!


If you’ve ever played Twisted Metal on any platform then you don’t need much of an introduction to Discovery Channel’s upcoming program called Weaponizers.  In the show, two teams turn real-world cars into remote-controlled killmobiles, battling them against each other to the death.  Who would have thought Discovery Channel can be such an entertaining waste of time!

The premise is basically a robot war, which isn’t all that exciting to begin with. Since they’ll be propping up real cars, though, and arming them with real weapons, the fights just might turn up more interesting.  According to Discovery, even innocent rides such as shuttle buses and ice cream vans don’t get spared and are converted into vehicles of destruction.

You’re probably familiar with the formula of the show: two teams of supposed “master-builders” each get their chance to “weaponize” a car.  They get filmed putting the monstrosities together, using their ingenuity to come up with innovative solutions and, hopefully, stirring a little drama along the way.  Instead of sitting the vehicles side-by-side to compare bodywork and tuning, however, they put them through several tests of battle-worthiness, culminating in the ultimate measure of supremacy – a survival of the fittest.

The three episode show looks to be on a trial run and will air starting on May 11 at 9pm.

[via Botjunkie]