Wear Robot Hands With The Knox Handroid Gloves


Not being a big motocross fan, I rarely pay attention to motorcycle gloves.  Despite that, it’s hard not to notice the Knox Handroid Gloves, a pair of full-track specification hand covers for motorcycle enthusiasts of all inclinations.

Why the name?  The futuristic-looking pincher protection looks like a pair of functional robot hands more than anything.  Even if the wildest crotch rocket you ride is a moped, this thing is what you should put on if appearing like a half-man, half-machine is the kind of look you’re going for.

The flagship product in the Knox Hand Armor line, the Handroid offers more than bad-ass styling.  It boasts an exoskeleton protection system (which prevents scaphoid injuries to the thumb-to-wrist bone), honeycomb gel impact protection, wrist guard shrouds and the  Knox-exclusive BOA lacing system.  It goes without saying, the gloves should keep your hands from looking like you spent the last month working with a jackhammer when all you did was ride a pudgy-looking ATV.

It sucks they market cool shit like this for motorcycle wear, since that makes it a tad silly to put it on when you’re not riding.  Why can’t I wear robot gloves like Michael Jackson used to rock those glittery stuff every single day?  Tell me why!!!

The Knox Handroid Gloves, along with the rest of the Hand Armor line, will be shown off this coming November 27th at the NEC Bike Show.  Retail is slated for March 2010, with prices unannounced.  Nobody mentions it, but I’m sure it works well with everyone’s favorite Handerpants.

[Planet Knox ]